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Szalamii11 Malian fast castle


Malian Safe Fast Castle



Build Order

Time (MM:SS) Description Food Wood Gold Stone
00:00 Send all vills to wood, than one to build PIT MINE + 6 houses 0 5 0 0
00:20 Rally TC to food 2 5 0 0
01:00 When your vills gathered 150 wood for the 6 houses rally them on food. All your vills should be on food until the age up. 8 0 0 0
2:45 Age up with 4 vills, put the saharan network so it protects your gold mine. 8 0 0 0
2:55 Put 6 vills on wood (gather wood around your tc), the rest is going on food 4 6 0 0
4:40 Your 4 vills that are aging up are going to build a mining camp and start gathering gold 10 6 4 0
5:00 Pull your vills from wood after you gather 225 wood (for 1 gold mine, 1 lumber camp, 1 mill, 1 house, wheelbarrow). If there is no safe food to gather build a mill next to tc and buy 1 cow 16 0 4 0
5:10 Rally new vills to gold up to 10 16 0 6 0
6:50 Pull 8 from food to age up with Farimba Garrison. Put 5 vills on wood with a lumber camp. Rally tc on food 4 5 10 0
7:40 Before Farimba Garriosn finishes start building archery range or barracks depending on the unit you want to upgrade first. 6 4 10 0
8:10 Vills building Farimba Garrison go on gold. Upgrade your unit in barrack/archery range. Start making your units in farimba garrison. 7 5 18 0
8:20 Build barrack/archery range to upgrade other types of units. Rally tc on wood 6 7 18 0
10:00 Haras your enemy, get relics, get upgrades, get cattle ranches. Focus vills on gold. Get as many pit mines as your enemy lets you and protect them 6 7 18 0
15:00 Focus on Sofas in the later stages of the game 6 7 18 0


Go for Saharan Trade Network only if you want to trade or you are scared of an early push. For example against French or English. Instead of going for 1 cattle to get to castle you can secure an early berry patch or a dear hunt close to your tc, than transition back to sheep. In this situation you will have to build 2 less houses on gold a the start. So you start with a mill 4 houses and 1 pit mine.

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Patch 24915 (Season 3 Update)

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Fast Castle

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November 18, 2022 14:50



Posted: November 21, 2022 13:37

Really nice build order ! I appreciate that you modified it to add more info (225 wood for 1 gold mine, 1 lumber camp, 1 mill, 1 house, wheelbarrow). Thanks a lot


Posted: November 21, 2022 21:32

You can shift click your 5 vills that gather wood to food. They will gather the 150 wood exactly without needing more micro from you. I can't edit the build right now because i have reinstalled windows. I wish they added acounts to this website.

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