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Beastyqt Alternative French Aggression


Alternative French Knight/archer build order by Beastyqt that focusses on eco with wheelbarrow and a slightly delayed age up in order to consistently pump out knights, villagers, and archers as soon as feudal age is hit



Build Order

Time (MM:SS) Description Food Wood Gold Stone
0:00 Send all 6 starting vills to sheep, 1 builds a house 6 0 0 0
0:00 Build a scout. This will be useful for denying your enemy sheep and providing vision for knight raids. 6 0 0 0
0:20 2 new vils to food 8 0 0 0
0:58 3 new vils to gold, first makes a mining camp 8 0 3 0
1:50 3 new vils to wood, first builds a lumber camp 8 3 3 0
2:50 Age up with School of Cavalry using 3 food vils 5 3 3 0
3:00 Next vil builds mill on berries then rallies to wood 5 4 3 0
3:18 Next vil builds house then rallies to wood 5 5 3 0
~3:30 Research wheelbarrow at mill as soon as possible 5 5 3 0
3:40 All new vils to sheep until at 13 13 5 3 0
4:47 Landmark vils to gold 13 5 6 0
4:47 Immediately train a knight on age up and keep training knights 13 5 6 0
4:48 Immediately send wood vil to build archery range on age up 13 5 6 0
5:22 Once archery range finishes begin consistently training archers 13 5 6 0
5:45 All new vils to wood 13 13 6 0
~6:00 Build a blacksmith as soon as you have surplus wood 13 13 6 0
~7:00 Get Steeled Arrow at blacksmith* see notes 13 13 6 0
~8:00 If enemy is english/going 2-3 archery range, get Iron Undermesh. Otherwise, get Siege Engineering 13 13 6 0
~8:00 Refresh your lumber camp 13 13 6 0
~10:00 Continue harassing until you have a substantial enough mass, then ram push to end 13 13 6 0


"The important thing is: DON'T LOST KNIGHTS. They're very expensive and you don't want to lose them" - Beastyqt. The main way this build order wins is by taking cost effective trades and keeping your opponent in their base until you can finish with a ram push or age up to castle. Focus on taking those good trades and not losing units! What resource you harass is map dependent. Usually, you want to go for gold because it is out of TC range. Mill and maps with exposed wood lines are also good options. Keep rotating your knights between resources to tax your opponents micro and raid multiple resources at once if your APM can sustain it. As beasty says, upgrades (eco or military) should only be taken if you have enough surplus that it does not interfere with villager + knight + archer production. If you are missing units for an upgrade, you're doing it wrong. Play aggressive with the archers. Begin harassing enemy spearmen with your archers as soon as you see them, even if you only have two.

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Patch 12973 (Season One Update)

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Timing Attack

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Not beastyqt



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April 28, 2022 16:56



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