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Rus Boar -> Archer Pressure


Take advantage of Rus' huge wood bonus and bounty to fund a massive Feudal archer push.



Build Order

Time (MM:SS) Description Food Wood Gold Stone
Send 4 starting vills to sheep, 2 build hunting cabin, house and lumber camp on nearest woodline. 4 2 0 0
Train a scout to hunt for deer and wolves 4 2 0 0
2 vills to food 6 2 0 0
Train a scout from the hunting cabin once it's finished 6 2 0 0
1 vill to lumber camp once it's finished 6 3 0 0
6 vills to food 12 3 0 0
1:45 Research wheelbarrow if you can get enough bounty. You can get greedy and start it earlier but may have to cancel if you can't get enough bounty. 12 3 0 0
3:30 Age up with Golden Gate. Use 6 food vills and send back to food after 12 3 0 0
Move 2 food vills to wood, send 11 more to wood until you have 16 10 16 0 0
4:00 Build a wooden fortress on the woodline once you have enough 10 16 0 0
After age up build a stable and make 2 knights 10 16 0 0
4:40 Research double broadaxe at the lumber camp 10 16 0 0
6:30 Once first knight is out, rally it to the boar and kill it with the 3 scouts 10 16 0 0
Move 8 food vills to the boar and build a hunting cabin on it 10 16 0 0
7:00 Build 2 ranges and a blacksmith 10 16 0 0
8:00 Once at 16 wood vills, all vills to food 24 16 0 0
Start building archers and sending the mass to your enemy 24 16 0 0
If the boar is in a good position on the map, build 2 ranges by it, if not build them in your base 24 16 0 0
Get ranged upgrades and siege engineering at blacksmith 24 16 0 0
Constantly produce archers and pressure your opponent 24 16 0 0


If pressure is going well, you can drop a few more ranges as long as you can afford it. If you want to transition to castle, I usually pull 5-8 vills off of food once I get to 24 or so and move them to gold. If you see your opponent building horsemen, you can replace 1 or 2 of the ranges with barracks, but once you have a deathball of archers they can handle a few horsemen.

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Patch 12973 (Season One Update)

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April 18, 2022 01:39


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