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Beasty's Mongol Trade Keshik Season 5


Deer Stones into trade and defend it by being aggressive with Keshiks and Archers



Build Order

Time (MM:SS) Description Food Wood Gold Stone
00:00 Send 5 vills to closest tree to gather 50 wood while TC is unpacking. 1 vil to Ovoo 0 5 0 1
00:27 When the TC and Ovoo are done, drop 50 wood on TC and send all 6 starter vils on sheeps. Start making vils from TC 6 0 0 0
00:57 8 on food, then rally the next 3 to gold 8 0 0 0
1:58 When you have 8 on food and 3 on gold, rally the next 2 on wood 8 0 3 0
2:37 Age up with Deer Stones using 4 food vils. Rally next 2 on food 4 2 3 0
3:15 When 6 vils are on food, start rallying on wood until you have 8. Get wheelbarrow as soon as you have enough gold. 6 2 3 0
4:15 Age Up done, 3 landmark vils go back to food, 1 builds a Stable next to Ovoo to double produce Keshiks, then market 9 5 3 0
5:15 When 8 on wood, rally next 3 on gold. When market is done, make an archer range with same vil 9 8 3 0
6:40 When you have 6 on gold, rally on food. After double producing 4 Keshiks, use the stone to double produce Archers. Around this time, the first trader should start 10 8 6 0
7:50 Start adding more vils to wood as well. Make some towers to protect food around your base and eventually next to your enemy base as well in order to have vision and give Yam Network to units. Keep making traders, research Double Broadax when you can 11 10 6 0
10:05 This is how vils should look like around 10 mins mark. Now it's a good time to make a blacksmith and start getting the upgrades you need. Research Forestry. if you have enough wood and at least 10 traders, now it's also a good moment to start creating towers on the trade line 18 11 6 0
11:15 Research Horticulture. If trade is going well, we don't need vils at gold anymore so you can move them. If the trade is being stopped, you can instead plan to aging up with Steppe Redoubt next to gold. If you have map control, go to deers, boar then berries and don't make Pasture just yet so you can make more units. 24 14 0 0
12:45 Age Up with Kurultai with a lot (14 in the video) of food vils while still producing units. Start taking relics 14 15 0 0
13:~ Age Up done, transition to Pasture, towers everywhere, bring the Kurultai around the map like a boss, win the game if possible or complain on Reddit otherwise 25 15 0 0


The idea behind the build is to be very aggressive to keep your opponent on the defense in their base so you can trade. According to Beasty, since The Silver Tree received so many nerfs, it's not worth it anymore even if you're trading and it's much better to trade with normal markets, and go Deer Stones instead. On top of that, Mongols are now much stronger in Feudal thanks to Keshiks so you don't need to rush Castle Age anymore, and you can keep fighting in Feudal. That means having Yam Network available in Feudal to speed up both villagers and the army is very important to both defend and attack.

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Patch 7.0.5861 (Season 5 Update)

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July 30, 2023 22:46



Posted: February 29, 2024 02:14

I absolutely cannot get deer stones rolling out before the 3 minute mark no matter what

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