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Byzantine 2 TC with 3 Cistern


Defensive/Economic build order that focuses on immediately placing a town center upon hitting feudal age, while having already built three Cisterns in dark age/transition.

Build Order

Time (MM:SS) Description Food Wood Gold Stone
5 vils to stone to mine 50 stone. 1 villager build cistern on corner of towncenter. Rally TC to sheep 0 0 5
4 stone vils to sheep. 1 stone vil goes to build second cistern as close as possible to your first cistern. 1 cistern villager from the start goes to build a house and gold mine 5 0 0 0
Connect cisterns via aqueduct (you will have enough stone from Byzantine passive from building the house and gold mine). Keep TC on sheep until 7 on food then rally to gold 7 0 1 0
Rally Tc back to sheep till 9 on food 7 0 2 0
Rally TC to stone quarry to build mine 9 0 2 1
Rally TC to straggler trees. 9 1 2 1
Age up w/grand winery and place it on your berries with your two gold villagers. You should hit 400 food and 200 gold around the same time. 9 3 1
Reposition your economy to get 1 cistern and enough resources to try and have a TC ready to build as soon as you hit feudal age. Build 3rd cistern as soon as you are able and connect it via aqueduct as you transition to fedual. 4 5 5
I usually end up with about 8/9 on wood and 6/7 on stone and adjust accordingly. 4 8 7
Place TC in a defensive location w/5 stone villagers, ideally defending an important resource. Transition all food villagers to berry bushes, we want to get oil as fast as possible. Rally TC to berries. 4 8 7
Build a mercenary camp and barracks. 4 8 1
Aim to get 10 longbowman out for defense and as many Limitanei as needed. 10 8 3 1
Solidify your position, and aim to Age to castle age to end the game. 4 8 1


This is a Defensive/Economic playstyle that relies on Byzantines unique cisterns to quickly mass the units needed for defense, while simultaneously boosting your economy. The true star of the build is the olive oil. You always go Western contract and always blindly build longbowman. You can usually defend with 1/2 barracks and your mercenary building in terms of keeping up in unit production. All my extra wood goes into building the olive groves near the winery to keep accumulating oil. Limintanei are stars. Utilize their shield wall ability to tank and try and fight around your town centers. Once you hit Castle age, drop a castle in a problematic chokepoint and build the mangonel emplacement. I aim to push in castle age with the flamethrower rams, a mix of Liminatei and Varangian Guard as the frontline with longbowman and crossbow to support. If you are unable to win in castle age, regroup and advance to imperial with the landmark that allows you to purchase siege with oil. If you've set up your economy correctly and taken the time to build up the olive oil infrastructure, you can almost endlessly produce the royal cannons. Use these to help break the stalemate. https://aoe4world.com/players/12852688

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Abbasid Dynasty


Patch 7.0.5861 (Season 5 Update)

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December 08, 2023 05:29


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