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Abbasid Mango Rush


A sub 10 minute Fast-Castle Mangonel and Spear timing push

Build Order

Time (MM:SS) Description Food Wood Gold Stone
Send 5 vills to the straggler tree closest to the berry patch. Send remaining vill to 80% complete mill and construct house. 1 5 0 0
When 5 wood vills reach 10 wood each, send them to complete the Mill, dropping off their wood on construction. Send next 3 vills to gold. 6 0 3 0
As soon as you reach 150 gold get wheelbarrow. Send 10th vill to build HoW and then to gather gold. 6 0 4 0
Send the next 2 vills to food. 8 0 4 0
Send 1 more vill to gold. 8 0 5 0
Send the next vills to the nearest wood source until you can build a lumber camp. 8 2 5 0
At about 3:00 select Economic Wing. Once clicked up, send 2 vills from food to wood. Send the next vills to wood until you have 8 on wood. 6 8 5 0
With wood gatherers, build 4 houses and a barracks for Golden Age 1, and an additional 80 wood for spearmen. As soon as aged up, research Fresh Foods Stuffs. 6 8 5 0
Send all wood vills onto food, splitting half on berries and sheep until you can select Military Wing at about 6:45. 18 0 5 0
As soon as you age up send all but 6 food vills to wood. Build an additional barracks and around 10 spearmen. 6 16 5 0
As soon as you age up (around 8:30) you should have enough resources to construct a mangonel and research boot camp. You should be able to build 3 mangonels by 10 minutes. Continue balancing villagers between wood and food, adding additional barracks and researching spearmen upgrades as you push your enemy's base. 10 18 5 0


This BO works as a surprise alternative to the standard Abbasid Feudal 2TC boom. It requires early investments in economic upgrades that pay off by the time you reach castle. These can be taken or left depending on the level of pressure shown by your opponent. This works best against medium to low level aggression. Full/all out aggression may require the addition of stables>horsemen and outposts, and/or archers, into a 13-14 minute castle.

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Abbasid Dynasty


Patch 17718 (Season Two Update)

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Timing Attack

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July 23, 2022 04:59



Posted: December 06, 2022 02:19

This is not realistic, the wood gather rate is too slow to get 4 houses and a barracks plus a spear. the age up is not foreseeable before 7:15 or smth with this build.

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