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English Longbow Rush


Take advantage of the Council Hall's double production speed to put pressure on your opponent quickly.



Build Order

Time (MM:SS) Description Food Wood Gold Stone
Send all 6 starting vills to sheep 6 0 0 0
Send scout to collect sheep and periodically take them back to your TC to ensure you have enough food to sustain a push. 6 0 0 0
1 vill to food, builds house 7 0 0 0
2 vills to gold. First one builds a mine 7 0 2 0
1 vill to food 8 0 2 0
1 vill to gold 8 0 3 0
Rally new vills to wood 8 2 3 0
2:40 Use 3 gold vills to build the council hall once you have 400f/200g 8 2 0 0
Continue rallying vills to wood (11-12 total) 8 7 0 0
3:55 Build a barracks with 1 wood vill once you have enough wood. Build your second house shortly after 8 7 0 0
4:50 When the Council Hall finishes, send the 3 vills back to gold 8 9 3 0
Start producing longbows constantly and mix in some spearmen, more if you see your opponent build a stable. Begin harassing exposed resources. 8 11 3 0
2 vills to food 10 11 3 0
All new vills to wood 10 11 3 0
If it is going well, pull a vill or 2 from wood to build a forward outpost near your opponent's base. This will give your units bonus attack speed. 10 14 3 0
7:00 Build a blacksmith if it's going well and research the ranged upgrades and siege engineering to build rams. 10 14 3 0


The later steps of the build order are kind of fluid and dependent on how your rush is going. If it's going well, it makes sense to pull vills and build a forward outpost. If it is turning into a big fight, you may need to build more barracks or archery ranges to match production of your opponent. If it's going poorly, you will probably not want to research siege engineering and just get the ranged upgrades. You might also want some defensive outposts around exposed resources if you think they're going to counterattack.

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Patch 12973 (Season One Update)

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Build Type

Timing Attack

Created By

??? (Snoopa video is linked, but there's lots of variations)

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April 18, 2022 14:48



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Cat Biscuits

Posted: July 06, 2023 11:05

I was recommending the English ramrush to another player as a good simple entry point into the art of build orders and just gave this a quick test to see if it still holds in season 5 having been created season one, Still feels good and smooth to me.

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