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Beastyqt's Ottoman Build


Beastyqt's 2 TCs build into Castle



Build Order

Time (MM:SS) Description Food Wood Gold Stone
All 6 starting vills to sheep 6 0 0 0
First vill on sheep too 7 0 0 0
Next 3 vills on gold (first one builds a house and a mining camp) 7 0 3 0
Rally next vills to wood until 10 7 2 3 0
2:25 Take 1 food vill + 2 gold vill and build Sultanhani Trade Network LM 6 3 1 0
Send one vill from sheep to wood 5 4 1 0
4:25 Feudal Age up is finished, send 3 vills from LM to stone 5 10 1 3
Rally next vills to stone until 300 is collected (~8 vills) 5 10 1 3
Build production - stables first prefferably, or barracks if vs knights 5 10 1 3
Continuously produce traders from LM until 6 (toggle on to garrison) 5 10 1 3
Produce 1-2 Sipahi and start harassing 5 10 1 6
~5:50 first vizier point - usually, go for anatolian hills first 5 10 1 7
6:15 300 stone is collected - take 6 vills from stone and build TC on deer 5 10 1 2
Leave 3 vills on stone until 400 stone in total is collected 5 10 1 3
Build a mill and get wheelbarrow 5 10 1 3
7:25 2 TC finished - rally all next vills to food until Castle Age 13 10 1 3
Build Blacksmith and 2 Military Schools around it 10 1 3
9:45 Send 3 vills from stone to gold 28 10 4 0
9:50 Age up with 13 vills from food - build Istanbul Imperial Palace LM 17 10 4 0
Rally vills to food from 1 TC and to gold from other TC 18 10 5 0
10:10 Build 2 stables and extra houses with wood vills 18 7 5 0
10:55 Castle Age up is finished - send vills back to food 32 9 6 0
11:00 Use Vizier Point for Military Campus and build 2 Military Schools 31 9 7 0
Produce Knights from stables and Archers from Military Schools 32 10 8 0


- This build assumes low level of enemy aggression. If you face heavy pressure, then you need to build more production earlier to defend - Once you start aging up to Feudal, you leave 5 vills on food, as you need 4 food vills to constantly produce vills + 1 extra vill to be able to immediately start producing military units once you reached Feudal and built a production building - One vill on gold is enough to continuously produce 6 traders from Sultanhani Trade Network LM and then with those traders to Age up to Castle - 10 vills on wood are required to be able to timely build production buildings, military schools, blacksmith + houses / eco buildings and partially units - 3 vills on stone are required to timely produce 4 Military Schools. You build 2 while mining stone, you collect 200 stone more for next 2, and then send vills to gold - Plan ahead when starting to place production buildings - blacksmith and university have influence around them that increases production speed - make sure all buildings are covered - You can go with Twin Minaret Medrese Age 2 LM vs more aggressive civs as it gives safe food near your TC but it's not obligatory and depends on your opponent's level of aggression - Toggle on to garrison traders in the Sultanhani Trade Network LM straightaway - don't use them to trade as it's too risky - 6 garrisoned traders will produce gold equivalent to ~2 relics - You can go Mehmed Imperial Academy (produces siege engines for free but slower) vs an enemy that uses a lot of ranged units which forces them to produce springalds while you didn't spend any resources on your siege - if you go with it, build it near blacksmith or uni to speed up production. In this build, you go with Istanbul Imperial Palace that doubles Imperial Council experience near it and increases Vizier Points limit by +2 - make sure you build it near your production buildings and Military Schools - Vizier Points - usually, go for Anatolian Hills first (extra sheep and +10% mining). You can go first with Mehter Drums (1 Mehter and +15% movement speed) if you plan to be very aggressive or Field Works (2 imams and aoe heal) if you face heavy aggression and need to heal units. In this build, you go with Istanbul Imperial Palace Age 3 LM (+2 Vizier Point limit) and the main order you go is Anatolian Hills, Military Campus, Fast Training, Advanced Academy, Siege Crews. Take Field Works after Anatolian Hills or Military Campus for a quick relic grab, and take Janissary Company if you need urgent extra firepower - Military Schools is an investment that will take ~4 min to return. Toggle units to produce depending on the situation and opponent. Generally, pick the main unit of your army you want to produce from normal production building and choose unit in Military Schools that counters your enemy's unit that counters your main unit. In this build, you go with one Mehter and then Archers from Military Schools while producing Sipahi and then Knights from stables. Math shows that Janissaries are the most efficient unit to be produced out of Military Schools in the long run. But what you produce should depend on what you need the most at the moment Use Janissaries to repair siege Imperial LM that synergizes well with this build is Istanbul Observatory which improves the influence of blacksmith and uni that speeds up production to 60% (and it acts as uni providing influence too)

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September 25, 2022 09:24



Posted: February 12, 2023 21:22

Nearly a classic build order. I like it. Hope in future there come more builds for ranked.

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