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Mongol Tower Rush (TGs/1v1s)


I hit top 50 in all team games modes on multiple accounts as well as rank 1 on the recent PUP team game ladder. Many of my games use this build, typically with a French ally to help out with early knights. This build can work in 1v1 as well, although it's not as strong depending on the skill level of your opponent. A lot of what happens during the tower rushing phase comes down to responding based on how your opponent reacts and general game sense in terms of how many towers to build and when to stop making spears. This is just something you have to pick up over time. Our goal is to delay the opponent as much as possible with a nasty fast castle behind it and either pump +2 armor MAA or knights while picking up relics off the map. I find that if I go the MAA route I can usually outright kill my opponent in castle age but your mileage may vary.

Build Order

Time (MM:SS) Description Food Wood Gold Stone
00:00 Use signal arrow with Khan 0 0 0 0
00:00 Look for spot for TC (directly next to wood line, prefer next to gold, then next to deer, then within shooting range of stone in that order) 0 0 0 0
00:01 5 villagers immediately to wood, avoid being super close to TC to avoid blocking 0 5 0 0
00:05 1 villager who didn't go to wood builds an ovoo on closest stone 0 5 0 0
00:05 Grab initial 3 sheep with Khan, then send Khan across map to find his gold, stone, and wood line (remember to bring back sheep as you find them; if you find this tricky, adjust the build to produce a scout at the beginning) 0 5 0 0
00:10 Start scouting with ger. If you find any sheep, unpack it to pick them up 0 5 0 0
00:15 Place sheep as close to TC as possible, shift queue ovoo villager to sheep, rally TC onto sheep 1 5 0 0
00:20 Produce 4 more villagers onto food 5 5 0 0
~01:00 (As soon as you hit 150 wood) Move 2 villagers from wood to food as they drop off wood, move another villager from wood to build barracks on ovoo 7 2 0 0
02:00 When barracks finishes, move villager back to wood, immediately double produce 2 spearmen 7 3 0 0
02:00 Rally TC to wood 7 4 0 0
02:00 IF your TC is on gold, unpack ger on the deer patch and move 5 vills off sheep to deer, ELSE unpack on gold 7 4 0 0
02:10 As first round of spearmen finish, pull 2 villagers off wood and walk across the map to his gold, keep double producing spearmen when you get 80 stone 7 2 0 0
02:15 2 more villagers onto wood, then rally 4 new villagers to gold 7 4 4 0
03:00 Build your first tower in range of enemy gold. At some point you need to decide when to stop producing spearmen to save stone for castle age units. I find 4-6 is usually a good stopping point, depending on how the game is going 7 4 4 0
04:00 Build wheelbarrow as soon as you can afford it 7 4 4 0
04:00 IF you put your first ger on gold, build a new one on deer with next 100 wood and move 5 villagers off sheep to deer 7 4 4 0
04:00 You should have hit your 7-4-4 target by now. Rally new villagers onto food (if running out of sheep, put a couple more on wood to get some pastures out; you will learn to do this by feeling). Our new goal is to have at least 16 on food and try to hit a 09:00 to 10:00 castle age. From there you can once again split between food/wood/gold as needed. 16 4 4 0
After the initial tower rush Try to keep him contained and occupied by your towers while you click up to Feudal and then Castle as you can afford it. Our goal is at latest a 10 minute Castle Age. I like to start pumping MAA with +2 ranged armor at this point and you can usually just kill him. Another option is to drop a stable and double produce knights. You want to start picking relics while doing this, as this is your power spike. At some point you can start rallying villagers to wood to try and get a TC up or even consider buying wood from the market depending on your gold income from relics/redoubt. 16 4 4 0


Villager counts below are targets rather than counts you should have reached by the given minute. Hopefully, it's clear enough. There is a lot of moving villagers around at various stages during the build so it's tricky to write things down any other way.

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September 25, 2022 23:32



Posted: May 12, 2023 06:37

kinda complicated but will try thanks


Posted: June 01, 2023 14:56

Wish this was a YT video or you provided your game name with shared match history, I wouldn't mind seeing this build order play out


Posted: November 18, 2023 15:16

Edited: November 18, 2023 15:16



Posted: November 18, 2023 15:17

build order play out video link

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