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English safe 2tc


English safe 2tc opener. By: BeastyQT



Build Order

Time (MM:SS) Description Food Wood Gold Stone
Send all 6 starting vills to sheep 6 0 0 0
1 vil to sheep 7 0 0 0
rally 3 vil to gold, 1 first vil build house and mining camp 7 0 3 0
rally vils to woodline 7 1 3 0
Age up with 3 gold, 1 food vil 6 3 0 0
build house with wood vil once needed 6 4 0 0
If Rus or French, build barracks for spearman once 150 wood. Or if you just want to. 6 6 0 0
4:20 4 workers from Landmark to food 10 8 0 0
make 2-4 spearman, 4-6 longbowman for map control(more spearman for Rus/French) 10 8 0 0
5:00 once you have desired units, move 6 food vils to stone, 1 build mining camp 4 10 0 6
Rally Vils to stone until 350 stone 4 10 0 9
2 vils from production to food 6 10 0 9
6:40 place second TC with stone vils near food source/gold 6 10 0 0
Choice: Either go castle, or continue to make units - see description 6 10 0 0


Choice A: Go Castle by rallying 1TC to gold; 1TC to food. Make sure to have enough units to defend; otherwise you will lose to early aggression. If you notice early aggression, build counter military building/units to theirs, and work on more units. Might want to rally TC on gold to wood to maintain production if you can't move to castle. Choice B: To stay feudal and put pressure on enemy - when second TC finishes, put 3 vills on gold for upgrades. Then rally Food with TCs until 20 vills, then 1 TC back to wood. Make mill with food vill, make a couple farms. Make blacksmith. Push out onto the map and gain map control- get eco upgrades if map control(wheelbarrow, broadaxe..etc), units upgrades if on more of a defensive(+1 arrow, +1arrow armor). Try to slowly transition food vills to farms while continually making units

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Patch 24915 (Season 3 Update)

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November 26, 2022 16:58



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